Save Big Liquidators took my money, and never delivered product

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I bought a BBQ grill and island on November 21, 2009 for $2,973, plus $267.57 tax, and $299.00 for delivery, totalling $3,539.57 from Save Big Liquidators. The company cashed my check immediately, and never delivered the product. The company and owner, Troy Nihart, are not returning my calls and have not made any attempt to deliver the product. This is not an isolated event.

The company holds 3-day sales, (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), requiring money up-front from consumers. The company schedules deliveries far out enough so that by the time consumers realize that their deliveries are not going to be made, and they have been scammed, the company has moved on to the next location scamming additional consumers.

The Owner, Troy Nihart, uses various names, including Rainmaker Liquidators, BBQ Factory, Closing Doors Forever, and Troy Nihart, Inc to advertise patio furniture, bbq islands, outdoor fireplaces, spas, etc. He is bringing in over 1.3 million in sales a year, and has been getting away with this scam for over 10 years, with only consumers trying to track him down to stop him. No agencies, including law enforcement agenices, will make any attempt to stop him, leaving consumers helpless against this fraud.

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I have had dealings with troy of rainmaker liqudations, Please contact me regarding

this co froud. thank you, bob.

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